Saturday, April 16, 2011

Starting is the hardest part.

If you’re a human being, with at least an ounce of ambition, you probably have goals and/or dreams. Dreaming can sometimes feel better than reality but when you wake up you will realize that nothing can happen until you take action. Sometimes finding a place to start can be hard, especially if the odds are greatly against you. One specific dream im referring to is being a professional musician/band. As a musician, you face more than just having to be talented at your given instrument. There are millions of people all over the world who share similar dreams. In order to set yourself apart from them and come out on top there are a few of very important things to keep in mind (In no specific order).
      Individuality. Taking a look at some of the top artists right now, although you might not find their tactics appealing, they have things about them and their music that makes people interested in what they’re doing. Being yourself and letting your music be a reflection of you is always a good thing. If you’re a horrible person (which were sure you not (: )…well, then you should take some “self improvement time” then remember that music has so much more meaning that being rich and famous. It changes moods, changes minds and changes people. Coming to this conclusion leads me to my next point…
      Intent/impact.  If you only want to be in the music business for the fame and the cash…people can tell. Part of being a musician is sharing your music with the world and leaving it subject to opinions. It seems to work for other artists, making their songs relatable because it gives people reason to listen and keep listening. Of course the music is the most important part of your career but the close second should be your image. I don’t mean looking tuff in your iron maiden shirt and skinny jeans. When you put yourself in a position where people are always watching you (and they will be) you take the risk of badly influencing many people or releasing a reputation of yourself that you didn’t intend to. It’s important to consider what kind of effect you will have and what will make you likeable.
       Fans! (Duh?). It’s important to get and maintain a solid fan base. This is where BTSP comes in (: If you pay attention to your fans, they will pay attention to you. Because of all the new technologies, it’s easier than ever to see what your favorite celebs are up to. It would be smart of you to use this to your advantage. Although you are not a celebrity (yet…) people are always looking for the next big bands/musicians and they want to get to know the people behind the music. Before The Storm Promotions is a band promotion system that can help you get your music out to your target fan base.
      Using our connections and a variety of social networking sites, our goal is to help up and coming artists get the fans they deserve by promoting and recommending them to people we feel would be interested in the music. By offering exclusive interviews, pictures and info, it will give fans access to new music before it’s on the radio or TV and will help bands get enough exposure to get noticed in the industry.
      If you are a music fan looking to hear some new bands before their big break , check back here for exclusive interviews, photos and more from up and coming artists. You can also check out our Twitter for updates on these artists and what other projects were looking into at @BTSPmusic.
      If you are an artist or band looking to collab with us then we love you (: and want you to contact us here, on twitter (@BTSPmusic), search for us on facebook, and tumblr ( or shoot us an email at to set up an interview or just to give us your opinion on being a new artist. Even if your not interested in working with us you can still check for updates on blogs. Some of them will be band related but there will also be ones giving advice/opinions on the music buisiness. They arent aimed to tell anyone what is right or wrong just to give artists another perspective to look from.
                                                          Hope your inspired,

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