Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chase Coy Interview.

      Chase's new album just came out on Tuesday and I was ecstatic when I got the chance to interview him. I admire his music for so many reasons mostly being that he is an amazing writer. I wasn’t sure how to go about writing this article because I didn’t want to leave anything he said out. Then it hit me. I’ll just show you guys the whole interview by itself. So the wait is over! Here is what Chase had to say about music, his journey and his new album Indiana Sun!

BTSP: Name/age/instrument of band members

Chase: Chase Coy, 20, Vocals/Guitar/Piano
Lee Eisenbarth, 20, Vocals/Drums/Trumpet/Harmonium
Zachary Barr, 25, Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Piano/Cello

BTSP: Where are you from?

Chase: Greenwood, IN.

BTSP: Where/when did the band form?

Chase: I started making music around three or four years ago and recently added my friends Lee and
Zach as live members and studio musicians.

BTSP: What genera is your music?

Chase: Acoustic, singer/songwriter, pop, indie.

BTSP: Who are your Influences or inspirations? (Musically and/or personally).

Chase: Peter Bradley Adams, William Fitzsimmons, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Owen.

BTSP: What was your first time playing as a band like?

Chase: It was a bit awkward at first, but the more we play together, the better we get as a band.

BTSP: What kind of obstacles have you faced so far as a band?

Chase: I've been picked up and dropped by a major label among many other ups and downs this past

BTSP: What goals do you have for the bands future?

Chase: I just want to continue making music that I love and that people can relate to.

BTSP: If you could perform/tour with anyone, who would it be?

Chase: I'd really love to tour with Colbie Caillat. She and I sang a duet on my last album, and I think
it would be cool to play it live.

BTSP: What is the most fun/funny thing that has happened during a show or with a fan?

Chase: One time I battled this girl at Guitar Hero in between two bands' sets.

BTSP: What advice would you give someone who wants to start a band?

Chase: Just make sure you are making music because it's what you love doing, whether anyone else
ever hears or likes it, or if it's just for your own personal benefit.

BTSP: Biggest accomplishment as a band/best moment together?

Chase: Signing to a major label was a pretty cool experience.BTSP: Favorite things to do besides music?

Chase: I love playing video games and hanging out with friends, pretty typical guy stuff.

BTSP: What are you currently up to? (Recording, local shows, touring, sleeping in, ect…)

Chase: Just finished recording my new album Indiana Sun. Got back yesterday from touring in Canada, and working on doing a lot more touring in the future!

BTSP: What label are you signed to?

Chase: I'm currently independent.

BTSP: Info on the new album? (Title, release date)

Chase: Indiana Sun - April 12, 2011

BTSP: How would you describe the sound? Different than other music you’ve made? How?

Chase: It's definitely more upbeat and varied than my past albums. I drew a lot from older music for this album, and really tried to push myself to not write the same sort of songs over and over.

BTSP: Who did you work with to make the album? (Producers, writers, musicians)

Chase: My friends Zach and Lee both recorded instruments for the album, and I mixed and mastered it all on my own. I co-wrote one song, "Mallory," with a guy by the name of Dave Tozer.

BTSP: Inspiration for the songs/album title?

Chase: I've just been thinking a lot lately about home and how much I can appreciate it now that I'm a little bit older. I had a really great childhood and I'm glad that looking back on it, I have so many fond memories of the Hoosier state.

BTSP: Favorite song from the new album?

Chase: My favorite song at the moment would probably be "Mallory". It's about my girlfriend, her name is right in the title, and it makes me smile every time I get to play it live!

BTSP: What is the first single?

Chase: There are no singles really since I'm releasing it independently. People will get to choose for themselves what their favorite song is, I won't be trying to force feed them any particular track.

BTSP: How do you feel about the new music and the work you put into it?

Chase: I feel like I really took a step forward with the record, and I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm already thinking about how to make the next one better, but I am satisfied with the growth from the last album to this one.

BTSP: Where/when can it be bought?

Chase: April 12 at most online retailers, including iTunes Amazon, Shockhound, Zune, etc.      Well, now that you know how adorable Chase is, and where to buy his music, make sure you show him some support and get his new album! :)

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